Treat Yourself to a Pedicure Fort Lauderdale is Offering

Do you remember the last time you did something for yourself? Because life tends to get hectic and a bit busy, there is not always a lot of extra time for you to treat yourself, even though you do deserve it. If you are in need of some serious pampering, you should check out the pedicure Fort Lauderdale Spa-66 offers to their clients. When the professionals finish with the pedicure, your feet will feel smooth and your toenails will look amazing.

Lengthy Treatments for Full Relaxation

When you come to the Fort Lauderdale Spa-66, you get to have it your way. There are several pedicure options available for you. The first thing you can do is decide how long you would like to receive this foot treatment. The average pedicure at the spa will take a total of about 80 minutes, but you will feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time.

There are some spa companies that might choose to rush right through this foot treatment. However, this spa does not cut corners or rush through anything at all. The professionals will take their time to make sure your feet are gently massaged and cared for properly, leaving you feeling extremely satisfied.

Giving Your Feet the Attention They Need

If you have never received a pedicure before, you probably do not know what will happen at the spa. The first thing you will do is soak your feet inside of a floral foot bath. The warm water will soothe your aching toes and heels, especially if you are on your feet for most of the day. After you have spent some time soaking in the foot bath, one of the professionals will begin scrubbing and massaging with a customized lotion that smells wonderful.

You may have sore spots on certain areas of your feet. In that cases, you can let the professional who is performing the massage know about the soreness you are experiencing. It will feel good to have those areas gently massaged with soft hands, especially if you are hoping to feel a bit of relief.

Transforming Your Toenails

Although a massage with customized lotion is one of the most important parts of the pedicure Fort Lauderdale Spa-66 offers because it helps to relieve a lot of discomfort, having your toenails trimmed, filed and painted is important too. If they are overgrown or even a bit uneven, the professional who is working on your feet would be able to trim and file them evenly, making sure they look flawless before applying any bit of paint to them.

You can even decide how you would like to have them painted. Only the highest quality polishes are available at the spa, including Essie and OPI. These polishes consist of the finest ingredients that will make them look their best and last long so they do not chip easily.

You can choose to have your toenails painted with one solid color. However, some guests like to have a design added to their toenails. Although getting a design is optional, you can look at some of the different design options before deciding if you want one or not.

Do not forget to treat yourself to a relaxing pedicure because you truly deserve it. You may spend a lot of time on your feet, which could be causing you to suffer from blisters and sore heels. If you take a few hours to yourself and get the pedicure Fort Lauderdale Spa-66 is offering, you will not regret it. Your feet will look and feel brand new by the end of the day.




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