Best iOS Apps To Invest In Mutual Funds

Best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds: As technology started touching our lives, the finance sector was not left behind. Investment was made digital, profits started arriving quicker, and all processes became infinitely faster, all thanks to science and tech. Mutual fund investing is one hot sector of finance, that has benefitted from the advent of technology. Be it Equity, Debt, Money Market, Close-end, Open-end or Hybrid, Mutual funds offer a wide range of investment grids as per the preferences of profit returns of investors.

Mutual Fund investments can be a tricky affair for those with lack of prior information concerned with this investment type. There arises a need to be well-versed with the intricacies of the desired mutual fund schemes. While investing in the Equity, the underlying facts establish it as a high-risk fund while the Debt mutual fund is one of low-risk. Moreover, diversified asset allocation serves for a balanced profile.

Best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds

However, today, mutual fund investing has been put right into investors’ hands, with several mobile apps being launched by companies to aid investors in mutual fund management. Let us have a look at the best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds with.

1. Investica

Investica is one of the best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds. Boasting of simple, smart, secure and swift mutual fund investments, Investica has been catching the interests of people ever since its release in 2017. The 20MB app boasts a rating of 4.3/5 with 100K downloads.

The application offers investment options in top Mutual Fund investment schemes and lets the user select as per his/her preferences. Providing daily NAV and portfolio updates, Investica assures a seamless transaction experience with several filters.

Besides mutual fund investments, the application also serves to start a Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) along with tracking one’s investment portfolio. All the more, it promotes paperless mutual funds account opening, getting the user registered with merely a PAN and an AADHAAR at 500 bucks per month as the SIP investment.

Moreover, Investica ensures 256-bit encryption for privacy protection and transaction security.

2. Savart

Best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds

It is one of the best Mutual fund app.One of the rare free-to-use apps out there, Savart is an incredible mutual fund investment manager for beginners and experts alike.

The app offers investment options in as low as INR 10. Users can invest in mutual funds and stocks. With personalized guidance from experts, Savart ensures that its users meet their financial goals. Savart provides a dual mode arrangement for its users- 1. Manual mode for the investors with pre-hand knowledge of the mutual fund and stock environment of the market. 2. Auto mode for the novice users which provides a set of advice and reviews from seasoned investors associated with the firm.

On top of that, the app supports investment in ELSS to avail tax exemption under section 80C along with their excellent and effective cutting-edge intuitive algorithm that analyses data of 10000+ mutual funds.

3. myCAMS

With 1 million downloads and a rating of 4.4/5, this 3.8MB app lets you “stay connected with your mutual funds anywhere, anytime.”

The winner of the Best Financial App Award at GMASA for two consecutive years since 2015, myCAMS offers features such as-

  • single gateway to mitigate the hustle of multiple pins and login ids
  • security by not sharing any information with/through the SIM card

The app lets a user purchase NFO scheme directly along with the processing of eKYC with AADHAAR on a mobile interface. Moreover, one can monitor their investments and the performance through the tools incorporated into the app.

4. ET Money

Best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds

ET Money is one of the best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds. Showcasing a rating of 4.5/5, ET Money app currently has 1 million downloads and boasts of mutual fund investments in top asset management companies or AMCs such as Reliance Mutual funds, SBI mutual funds, Motilal Oswal and the likes.

One of the most amazing features of the app is in hand credit with no lock-ins and instant withdrawal. The flexible payment and transaction abilities add into the quality points of the application.

ET Money also incorporates insurance schemes for the protection of the various assets while saving tax up to INR 45,000 with their ELSS investments. This app for mutual fund investment provides expertise from expense manager with zero paperwork at zero cost.

5. Groww

Groww- the app to invest in mutual funds encourages your growth in the mutual fund market. It features the best portfolios with 100% paperless Systematic Investment Plans. This mutual fund investment app lets one invest in top schemes with zero commission fee. The simple design of the application is ideal for beginners and lets them invest in well-curated baskets of mutual funds schemes. For mutual fund analysis and tracking, the dashboard of the app offers a clear picture of the investments along with the records of annual and total returns.

Groww features a tax exemption limit of 1.5 lakh with safely encrypted transactions.

6. Moneycontrol

Money control excels as one of the leading finance and business apps of the country with 5 million downloads and a rating of 4.4/5.

Whilst Moneycontrol provides users with features such as monitoring one’s investment portfolios across stocks and mutual funds, it also issues timely updates on the performance of the portfolio.

One striking feature that the app boasts of is the interactive charts, latest news updates, and informative articles which keep one at par with the marketing affairs. The application contains various tools and plans to ensure a hassle-free, smooth interface experience with all financial processes.

7. AngelBEE

Best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds

AngelBEE is one of the best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds. With AngelBEE, one can experience instant, paperless and a personalized way to invest and grow. This 13 MB app has 100k downloads till date and offers mutual fund investments at zero cost.

The applications offer exclusive comparative analysis across the mutual fund ratings with a minimum investment of INR 500. Moreover, one can manage one’s expenses and set budgets and monitor your investments.

AngelBEE supports a withdrawal of funds instantly with secure payment transactions giving an effortless experience.

The above mentioned apps are the best iOS apps to invest in mutual funds.

All the aforementioned apps offer a great experience for beginners and experts alike and are certainly making investing easier. Do follow us for more such articles.

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