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dSploit apk – Technology has played an important role when it comes to making our lives easier in this hectic lifestyle. But, as you know everything in this world has its own pros and cons. Every one nowadays carries a smartphone or other devices like laptops and iPads. The biggest issue with such devices is making them free from virus or other technological threats posed on them. Security issues are the biggest fear in present times when we talk about devices like PC, Smart Phones, iPads etc. To overcome this technological threat, there is a suite that would help us protect our devices without much effort. It is called dSploit APK.

dSploit is a network analysis and penetration suite. Its purpose is to help people using android devices by performing advanced tasks related to network with the use of comprehensive tools. It also helps in running services and opening ports on different devices along with checking for vulnerabilities.

dSploit apk
dSploit apk

How does dSploit apk works?

First of all, dSploit APK helps you to map all your network, fingerprint alive hosts operating systems and running services, search. It then searches for vulnerabilities of these networks, crack logon procedures of many TCP protocols. Subsequently, it performs MAN IN THE MIDDLE ATTACKS (MITMs) such as password sniffing (with common protocols dissection), real time traffic manipulation so that, security threat if any, is encountered can be tracked and resolved.

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App Name
DSploit apk
App Codeit.evilsocket.dsploit
RequirementAndroid 2.3 or higher
File Size6.38 MB

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What is an apk file?

APK stands for Android Package Kit. It is the file format used by Android operating systems for distribution and installation of mobile apps. You can relate it to the .exe file that is used for installing software in windows (PC) system. The apk file helps in improving the overall experience. Also, provides a customized experience to the end-user.

Why is apk file needed?

APK file gives the user an early access to all the exciting new features, even before the update arrives automatically over the air. And, if you don’t have an AppStore or Playstore then APK is a must-have to download the application, otherwise, you cannot download the app.

Highlighted features of dSploit apk

Script injector

This module helps in injecting any JS code to a web page of the targeted device. This allows injecting malicious JavaScript into the web pages.

Replace videos

This module replaces all the videos on YouTube with a customized one.

Kill connections

As the name suggests, it kills all the target connections of the network. It helps to block the person from accessing any server or website.

Session Hijacker

The sniffing of cookies is done by this powerful module. It hijacks the browser session. Web profile cookies can also be sniffed with the help of this module to reach the destination account without the password.

Replace Images

This module replaces all the images of any web page with a customized one.

Login Cracker

Login cracker helps the user in cracking the administrator password. This can help in trying dictionary attack against services such as SSH, VNC, telnet, etc.

Packet forger

This module aids in forging packets to send to the target. It allows you to send custom TCP packet after building.

Port Scanner

As the name suggests, it helps in scanning the ports. This can be done without establishing a referred relationship which is called half-open scanning.

Vulnerability Finder

After the Inspector scan, if you wish to see the services opened, you can do so with the help of this module named as Vulnerability finder.


The Inspector module provides the user with extra information about the target like Device Type, Operating system and services opened. This, in turn, helps to detect different sights like facilities and OS.

Router PWN

Router PWN is a webpage which provides the user with a CD by which the user can control distant and local exploits. The user has to launch service. After this, Router PWN will allow peeping into prevailing vulnerabilities.


By this, you can traceroute and see the path of packets before they reach the destination. It helps in identifying an intermediate router which is responsible for the present connection. You can easily see the IP addresses and the speed.


This helps in redirecting all the http connections. If the person is trying to reach any http website, this module will help you to redirect to it another website.

Simple Sniff

All the data is sniffed by the simple sniff. The data present provides you with an opportunity to save the data on pcap file. It tells you target’s traffic statistics.

Password Sniff

Passwords of common services are sniffed by this module of the suite.

Man In The Middle

This module is one of the most useful in the suite. It consists of several other tools too.

How To Install dSploit apk?

To download an apk file on your phone or device, you first need to go to settings on your device. Tap the settings and then tap security. After this, check the Unknown sources. It will allow apps from sources other than Google Play store to be downloaded. If the app is downloaded on PC, then you can transfer the file to your phone. After the file is transferred, open the file on your phone and tap the install icon. When prompted, tap yes. The file will be installed on your device. You can get this apk for free in GetApkMarket App.

After you are done with the above written procedure then Download the “Dsploit.apk”. Transfer it to your mobile. After the transfer, install the file by clicking on the install tab. After the installation is done in few minutes you will be able to use Dsploit.apk on your device.

Download APK

Frequently asked Questions

Q) What all modules are available on dSploit apk?

Ans. The Modules available on dSploit suite are Router PWN, Login Cracker, Trace, Port Scanner, Inspector, Vulnerability Finder, MITM and Packet Forger.


ARM: Your device must have an ARM CPU.

Gingerbread: An Android device with at least the 2.3 ( Gingerbread ) version of the OS is needed with dSploit.

Root: The device must be rooted.

BusyBox: The device must have a BusyBox full install, this means with every utility installed (not the partial installation).


dSploit suite is used with Android operating system. It has number of modules that help in performing assessment related to network security on wireless networks. Certain tasks like vulnerability scanning, password cracking etc. are performed with the help of dSploit.

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