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GameGuardian Apk: Ever wished that you could get just one more extra life on your favourite game to finally reach the next level? Well, by downloading GameGuardian you can do just that! With one simple download, you can now modify the contents of your favourite video game and get some additional advantages. Certain codes are injected into the game while it is running. These codes can modify and change the parameters of the game that you are playing, helping you enjoy improvements in your favourite video games right on your mobile phones!

Keep in mind that GameGuardian will work only on rooted Android devices, so root your phone first, and then download GameGuardian from the Google web page.

App NameGameGuardian
App Version8.51.0 (Latest)
Apk Size10.7MB
Last UpdatedFeb 13, 2018

How to download GameGuardian Apk:

You first need to visit the Settings option from the menu selections of your Android mobile phone. Once you open your settings, now – open Security, you will find a tab to Allow Unknown Sources to download on your Android device.

Since GameGuardian is not available on the Google Play Store, you will need to give your phone permission to allow the app to download from third-party sources.

Once you are done with permission settings, open any of your web browsers and search for Game Guardian Apk Download From the search results carefully select one link that redirects you direct download link. Click on the link to download the app on your Android device. Based on your internet connectivity, just in a few seconds, the entire file will be downloaded on your mobile phone.

Once the file is downloaded, now allow the game to have Root access on your device, and you are ready to use GameGuardian for your android device!

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What are the features of GameGuardian apk? :

GameGuardian APK
GameGuardian APK

After downloading GameGuardian, you will be able to scan a variety of numerical value types on your games, including skill, health, currency, gems, and much more. This app also allows you to access hidden and encrypted values where you can change or even freeze them.

Another attractive feature is that this app will use different speed hacks such as slowing down the timer, speeding up your game, and much more.

You can change your Android system clock and skip the various game times on your favourite video games, giving you an added advantage to your favourite games. There are several video games which come with anti-cheating software. This software does not allow players to install any hacking devices and cheat on games. However, GameGuardian comes with a special stealth mode which becomes invisible from such anti-cheating software. You do not have to worry about getting caught cheating with GameGuardian! GameGuardian runs smoothly on x64 and x86 devices without facing any issues.

With this game, you can now enjoy some advanced options on offline games such as enjoying unlimited game money to continue game levels. However, this same trick might be slightly more difficult to use on online games. It is not impossible, however, and can be used on online games as well.

Another notable feature of this game is – Search and changes the application code on your favourite video games to get an added advantage. This app will Autofill numbers on value change.
The app GameGuardian is constantly updating, giving new and more advanced features. The app is also very stable, so you do not need to worry about the app crashing without any reason. The app can be translated into many languages, so game players from all over the world can easily use this app without facing a language barrier. The app size of only 11 MB thus can easily be downloaded on almost any android device. However, remember to root your android device first, before installing and using this app.

A speedhack function of GameGuardian allows you to jump backward, or even forward in the game to reach an exact location where you want to be in the game.

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How to use GameGuardian:

In order to download a rooting app, use an Android emulator such as Blue Stacks, which will easily root your android device. This GameGuardian can be used on both online as well as offline single player games.

Download GameGuardian on your android device using the step by step instructions above. Once you have opened a game in which you want to change the values, tap on the GameGuardian icon. Now, you can easily change all the values on the game which you are currently playing. Use the special instructions to change all the values of the game till you reach a value less than 3 for the health, skill, gems, money, etc. on your game.

It is safe to say that GameGuardian is an app which is used to illegally break into video games to modify codes and change the values. This app is basically used for cheating on games, and can only be used on rooted android devices.

While the app is safe and stable to use, if the app developers of the video game find out that you are using hacking software, your account can be deleted.

How to use GameGuardian iOS

GameGuardian For iOS
GameGuardian For iOS

Are you a video game lover who spends most of their free time trying to reach the top levels of their favourite games? However, doing this can be pretty hard as the levels of the games keep getting more and more challenging as you go higher. Do you wish to beat all your friends’ high scores, earn unlimited gaming points and gems and reach the top levels first? Then what you need is game modding.

Game modding is a simple process by which you can change the values in your favourite video games. This means that by a simple process, you can earn unlimited coins, get more health points, skill points, gems and even unlimited lives. However, you will need to use a rooted device to do this. Game modding modifies and changes the configurations and values of a game while it is running, allowing you to advance higher in the game that you are playing.

GameGuardian for iOS allows you to modify the values of all of your favourite iOS games; be it on your iPhone, your iPad or any other iOS devices. You can even unlock the paid features of your game for free with GameGuardian for iOS!
You can enjoy playing some of the latest, most popular games on iOS and reach all the top levels without any issues with GameGuardian. Play games like Subway Surfers, Temple Run, Asphalt 8, Doctor Driving and much more! Reach the top levels before any of your friends and become a gaming guru!

How to install GameGuardian iOS:

The first thing you will need to do is jailbreak your iOS device. Without doing this, you will not be able to download or use GameGuardian iOS.

Once you have jailbroken your iOS device, you will need to download Cydia on your iOS device.

Open the Cydia app, and go to the Sources option. From this option, choose Big Boss repo. Now, type in your search for iGameGuardian

Once you have located the file from the options, you can choose to download this app on the Cydia directory of your jailbroken iOS device. Now, reboot your device, which should happen automatically as soon as you download the iGameGuardian app. Once your iOS device has rebooted, you can tap on the iGameGuardian app and start using the app to your advantage!

How to uninstall iGameGuardian from your iOS device:

It is possible that you do not want to keep the GameGuardian iOS app on your device any longer. Don’t worry, it is very easy to uninstall the app from your iOS device forever. Simply follow these simple steps to uninstall iGameGuardian from your iOS device;

Open the Cydia directory on your jailbroken iOS device. Now choose the option to Manage, then click on Packages. Click on iGameGuardian, and then Modify. Finally, click on Remove, and then Confirm, to confirm the uninstall of iGameGuardian from your iOS device

It is just that simple!

Now, we will tell you all about the amazing features of GameGuardian iOS for your device so that you can know exactly why you need to install this app, and how you can use it to your advantage!

The benefits of downloading GameGuardian iOS on your iOS devices:

Enjoy all the paid features on your favourite video games for free! Level up in your favourite games, win unlimited coins, gems, skills, health, and unlimited lives which allow you to play the game as much as you want.

The speedhack option of GameGuardian iOS allows you to jump forward or back anywhere in the game to reach the destination where you want to for your advantage. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting caught cheating! The GameGuardian app comes with a special invisibility option that hides you from any kind of anti-cheating software.

A lot of new games come with this kind of software so that players don’t cheat on games. However, you will be well hidden from any of this software when you are using GameGuardian iOS. This app runs smoothly on 32 bit as well as 64 bit applications. You can modify as well as filter all your search results at the same time without any hassle!

GameGuardian iOS is available in a variety of 90 languages so that all its players from all over the world can use the app easily and safely. Identify, modify and change all hidden and encrypted values in your favourite games using this app.

It is all these amazing features of GameGuardian iOS that make it worth downloading this app! However, do remember that the risks of jailbreaking your iOS device are completely the user’s risk.

Download GameGuardian iOS and beat all the levels at your favourite games, being crowned as Gaming Guru by all your friends!


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