Kickass Proxy List 2018 – Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites List [100% Working List]

Kickass Proxy List 2018: Kickass Proxy or Kickass torrent proxy is a server. It functions same as the kickass torrent. They are known to perform as if original class Proxy. This is the reason they are also known as the Kickass mirror. They can be used to unblock the kickass server. Many people ask how to unblock through Kickass Proxy & Mirror Sites? It is possible to unblock through Kickass Proxy & Mirror Sites. Firstly one has to choose the apt kickass torrent proxy.

Many people are found discussing the Kickass Proxy List 2018Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites List. It has galloped in last few years. Many sites have made servers to please torrent websites. Kickass torrent has successfully made its mark. But they faced legal issues.

Kickass Proxy List 2018Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites List

kickass proxy 2018

Many people are finding it difficult to access Kickass Torrent. Major reasons behind it are as follows:

  • Firstly torrent site has banned by the country. Perhaps that’s why people fail to access it.
  • Internet connection can be the second reason. Perhaps the torrent sites have been banned by the internet. This may also create problems.
  • The antivirus or firewall can be a major reason. It always stops people to access the Kickass Torrents.
  • If not the above-mentioned reasons, then there might the problem with the site. Maybe the site itself has been shut down. One cannot access Kickass Torrent when they are shut down temporarily or permanently.
  • Sometimes the browser also creates a problem. It also blocks a person from accessing Kickass Torrent.

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Is it possible to Access Kickass Torrents Using VPN?

  • The answer would be yes. Follow the given below steps to Access Kickass Torrents Using VPN:
  • One has to search for an app server. It will help a person to open the KAT. After this, one has to quest for internet connection. Connect various servers to the internet. After this, one has to choose any website. The selected websites have to be blocked. After this, click on the unblock button. The kickass torrent can be easily accessed from there.

When it comes to Kickass Proxy List 2018 – Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites List, few sites can be considered. Some of them are as follows:


Some facts about Kickass Proxy List 2018-Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites List

What is the reason behind the popularity of KICKASS TORRENT?

Kickass is very popular among youth. It is known to be the best Torrent Site. People use to get access to many free movies, software, apps, games etc. It is regularly updated by KAT’s staff. The access to favorite film, software, apps, and games impresses people. They are known to be user-friendly. It never takes much time to load. It gets loaded without any error. The sites are known to have proxies and mirrors. These proxies and mirrors are developed regularly.


The torrent site is the place of various things. People get access to free movies, software, apps, games, and many more files. They are available for free. Even if the paid services are availed, they can be trusted. But it cannot be concluded that it is safer. Many countries do not allow the usage of Torrent sites.

The high probability of offense can cause damage. But its services are loved by many people. So nothing can be concluded regarding it. It absolutely depends on location and region. If you are using Torrent sites even if it is banned, you can be in trouble.

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Is there any way to use Kickass Proxy List 2018 – Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites?                                                                                                                 

If it is banned to use Torrent sites, one should not use it. Otherwise, there are some ways to use Torrent sites. Firstly try to hide IP address. One can succeed in hiding the IP address by using VPN converter.

One need not pay every time to use VPN converter. There are many VPN working converter software available for free. They are function brilliantly. Many apps have been launched. They can also be used to hide IP address. It will be suggested to install VPN converter before using Torrent sites.

After succeeding in doing so, one can continue further.

One can browse proxies or mirror sites. After this, one is required to scan the necessary file. Don’t forget to copy the URL of that file. This URL will be helpful in getting access to the torrent sites.

It was important for you to know about Kickass Proxy List 2018 – Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites List. Be careful while using Kickass Proxy List 2018Kickass Unblocked & KAT Mirror Sites.




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