RAM Expander APK v3.64 free download on Android,PC [Latest Version]

RAM expander apk: Memory issue has been the main issue for every Android user. If you face such memory issue on your smartphone, then this is the right destination you have landed. All of you must get to know about RAM expander apk v3.64. This is the latest development for memory enlargement; it can be mentioned as a tool which permits you to increase Android RAM memory. This can be done by swapping with the external memory.

Making use of RAM expander is one of the ultimate ideas to expand your RAM. Play games and store data without issues with the help of RAM Expander.

What is RAM expander?

RAM expander APK
RAM expander APK

In order to boost or expand one’s RAM memory, the RAM expander apk is the powerful application released.  For ones who have problems related to low memory and too small memory, RAM expander would help out.

The SD card of your mobile would be used as a working memory expansion. By this way, the RAM is increased in a virtual manner and enhances the device’s capacity.

Root access and an external SD card are needed for the app. The application is developed in such a way with many programs which can be used to release unused memory, cleans junk files, boosts speed and clears the cache. All these can be done with a single click. Users can hence download RAM expander and enjoy the feel.

RAM expander apk v3.64 download

App nameRAM expander
App version3.64
Apk size6 MB
Play store rating4.4

Features of RAM expander

Apart from the uses, there are few beneficial features which are present with the RAM Expander. The technical benefits are more and apt. Some of them are as mentioned below.

  • The SD card memory is utilized as RAM memory (SWAP MEMORY/ SWAP RAM)
  • There is no boundary for RAM partition.
  • RAM expansion for swapfile is 4.0 GB
  • During page not occur with SD card from class 8 is the usual performance degradation.
  • PNP swap has widgets
  • There is a thorough presentation of memory data and analysis.
  • Foolproof use made easy
  • Autorun
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set.

With this type of app users can purchase the cheap device with a lower gigabyte of RAM and later on upgrade to 4 gigabytes. By downloading RAM expander apk users can play their desired games.

The main advantage to mention here is that users are able to play better games and they are able to run heavier and more tasks at once. This actually makes the device faster.

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Download RAM expander apk on your device

RAM expander can be downloaded from Google play store or from many links available at various websites.

  • The first step in the installation process of RAM expander is to install the app from either play store or any such links.
  • In case the user has downloaded in a PC, it is to be copied to the Android device.
  • The next step is to look for the file on your device and click on it to open.
  • The user then needs to click on install.
  • If requested to opt between two services, the user needs to choose “unknown services”.
  • The installation process is complete and the user can enjoy the enhanced memory.


  1. Android rooted device
  2. SWAP aided android device
  3. SD card of a high speed of class 10
  4. RAM expander (Swap).

Download RAM expander apk v3.64 for Android

The user can initiate downloading by following the below mentioned steps.

  • The Android device must be rooted initially.
  • In order to expand RAM on SD card, SWAP function must be supported in your Android smartphone. For ones who want to check swapping can download memory info tools app.
  • The user can find various links and download RAM expander app and install the same.
  • The user needs to open the app and SWAP active must be enabled. By this way, the SWAP file is created.
  • After completion, the grey colored box is clicked and SWAP file created is activated. Once the process is completed you would receive a message saying “congratulations you have successfully increased the RAM of your android smartphone”.


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Download RAM expander apk for PC Windows/MAC

For RAM expander to run on Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC an iOS or android emulator is required so that the system environment is ready for mobile application. For Windows 7/8/10/XP or MAC needs a blue stack to be installed and only then RAM expander can be installed.

The top prominent Android emulator which is famed in the market and runs on all main Android/iOS mobile application is none other than a blue stack.The steps to download RAM expander are as follows:

  • The user first needs to download blue stack standalone installation file from many links available.
  • Your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 or MAC PC is downloaded with Bluestacks-Installer_native.exe which consumes 261.86MB.
  • After the standalone setup file is downloaded blue stack is to be installed on your MAC or Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
  • It consumes about 5 minutes and all interruptions can be skipped.
  • Once blue stack installation is complete and ready to run for the first time in MAC or Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Installation process would be an awesome experience as the process is interactive and functioning.
  • The next step would be an installation of RAM expander for PC on blue stack emulator.In blue stack app search console search for RAM expander game.
  • The user is prompted to play store and can download RAM expander for PC which runs Cooley on blue stack emulator.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Where will the SWAP file be created?

The SWAP file will be present on your SD card after creating the SWAP.

  1. Does this method support my kernel?

SWAP support is a must for this method. Check your kernel thread whether it supports or not.

Final verdict

These are few main features, beneficial aspects, and requirements for RAM expander to be installed. Users can check for requirements and start the installation process for their Android devices.

Installation is very simple which can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Moreover, players can rejoice as they can overcome memory issues with their Android smartphones. Run through the sites, read all instructions and get started for downloading.

Save photos, videos and download new games without hindrance after expanding your mobile memory with RAM Expander.

It is with the RAM speed that many games are made perfect and run lively, especially graphical games. Such games need enhanced memory for quick working.

Hence expanded RAM is mandatory. This is one of the required, beneficial and most wanted apps for many mobile users.

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