Super Mario Run Apk Free Download For Android, iOS [Updated 2018]

Super Mario Run Apk: Super Mario Run is a masterpiece from Nintendo and represents one of the first game of Nintendo developed exclusively for mobile devices. The game was a global smash hit in the smartphone world, both on iOS and Android. The expectations have crossed the limit prior to its release. In 2016, the game was released to iOS devices and in the year 2017, the game hits on Android devices. Download the Super Mario Run Apk and enjoy the game on your smartphones. If you are super Mario fan then you should definitely check Monopoly apk which is another cool game for Android.

Enter into the Mushroom Kingdom, compete against ghosts and expand by collecting coins and other collectibles from the game modes. The concept of this game is taken from the earlier Super Mario Bros, a simple controlled video game.

From this post, people can know the Super Mario Run Apk Download and install process. At last, our super hero Mario jumps into a new adventure on both iOS and Android devices.

In the new version of Super Mario game, the player was given a task to find and unlock Princess daisy who lost in the middle of courses.

In this game, players can play with a single hand. Mario will constantly run forward through the courses using a variety of jumps. By the timing of the tap, players can make some stylish jumps, wall jumps and mid-air spins to collect coins and reach the goal.

The Super Mario Run can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS devices and can purchase the game to reveal all game modes. We have enlisted the steps to Download Super Mario Run v3.0.9 Apk.

Introduction of Super Mario Run Apk

super mario run apk

The all-new Super Mario Run is an endless runner and a side-scrolling video game which was introduced for smartphones. It was developed by Nintendo and it was released on 15th December 2016 on iOS devices and 22nd March 2017 on Android mobiles.

This game represents the Nintendo’s first mobile game which was really a smash hit throughout the globe. Some millions of downloads were taken place soon after it releases on the mentioned date. The game has received a huge fan following across the world.

In this game, Mario constantly moves forward through the various courses and use of a variety of jumps to navigate. It also received some big updates and can be downloaded for free.

But in the free version all game modes were revealed, in order to play other game modes, players have to buy.

After the purchase, people can able to play all modes with no more additional payment. The Super Mario Run Android Apk is available to download now.

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Super Mario Run Apk Features

The game consists of three game modes wherein the first mode, a player has to challenge the course. In the second mode, the player has to compete with other players and have to finish the course.

In the third mode, the player can create their own Mushroom Kingdom by using the coins collected in the first and second modes and reach the goal. The three modes are:

World Tour

  • Run and jump with some stylish moves to rescue the Princess Peach from the browser clutches.
  • The player has to travel through a ghost house, plains, airships, castles, caverns and much more.
  • Clear all six worlds with 24 exciting courses to rescue Princess Peach and reach the castle at the end.

Kingdom Builder

  • Gather all the coins and toads to build your own kingdom.
  • Create a unique kingdom with decorations and buildings which have collected with the help of toads in Toad Rally mode.

Toad Rally

  • In this mode, the player can show off stylish moves, compete against their friends and can challenge people across the globe.
  • Compete against other players, stylish moves for the high score and gather coins and get cheered by the toads. If you are impressive in playing, the toads will come and stay in your kingdom.
  • Players can also perform stylish moves in order to fill gauge and launch into Coin rush.
  • But in order to play this mode, a player needs a Rally Tickets which can be available in many ways like clearing worlds, playing bonus games in the kingdom.

Along with these modes, the mode named Remix 10 is now available for the players. In this mode, people can play some of the shortest Super Mario Run courses.

It is bit-sized bursts in which, a player can play through ten short courses one after another. Daisy is lost somewhere in this mode, so the player has to clear as many courses as they can and find here.

Super Mario Run Apk File Info

App nameSuper Mario Run
App Version3.0.9
Apk Size70.2 MB
Last Updated1st March 2018
Support Android VersionAndroid 4.2 and up
Support iOS versionYes

What’s new in Super Mario Run Apk Latest version?

  • The conditions for clearing the browser challenges and to unlock the World 1 to 4 have been a bit easier.
  • Added skip option to an opening tutorial.
  • In version 3.0.4, Remix 10 mode some shortest courses are added which you ever play.
  • There are some brand new courses and new characters and a feature which lets to listen to your favorite music even while playing.

Free Download Super Mario Run Apk (Step by Step Procedure)


  • Those who want to play Super Mario Run on their mobiles, first download the Apk file.
  • You need to enable the unknown sources for installation to complete. Go to the settings, then select security and then enable the unknown source option.
  • Next, go the file manager then downloads directory and then click on Apk file.
  • Complete the installation process.
  • After installation completed, click on the game icon and start enjoying your favorite Mario game on your mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can we the play in offline?

A. No. It is an online game and data charges may apply.

2) Is this free or paid version?

A. It is free to download but all game modes will not reveal. In order to reveal, you need to purchase and to any unlocked item, you need to do in-app purchases.

3) Is the collected coins will be added?

A. Yes. The collected coins that you have collected will be added and can be used to buy items or decorations build your own kingdom.


That’s all about the Super Mario Run apk game. Hope you guys got enough information regarding the game features, download and installation process. Follow the steps and install on your phone and start the enjoying this endless runner games.

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